Oscillation (02)

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Wow Sonic: 02 (Oscillation Facial Cleansing Brush)

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👉 With Two Brushes 1 Silicone & 1 Skin Hair Brush

👉Wireless chargering

👉1 year warranty

👉Ultrasonic Facial cleansing makeup remover and Massager Good for blood circulation

👉3 adjustable speed options With Auto Gear Memory

👉Auto Shut Down: 1 min (20 sec Hint)

👉Once charged works approximately 60Days with single charged rechargeable and waterproof

👉Suitable for all skin type

👉Whole Body Can be Washed

👉Charging Time: 1.5 Hours

👉Can Buy Extra Brushes Heads From Wow Sonic With Price 250/Rs Each

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