Epilator (2in1)

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Wow sonic : Hair remover Epilator (2in1) 

1. Massaging rollers attachment 

2. Epilation head with tweezer element

3. Release buttons

4. On/off switch with incorporated light  

5. Socket

6. Special cord set

7. Sensitive area cap (only with model 3370)

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How to epilate

1. Your skin must be dry and free from grease or cream.

2. Before use, make sure that the epilation head (2) is clean. 

To turn on the appliance, slide up the on/off switch (4): setting "I" extra gentle . setting "II" extra efficient . When switched on, the switch light illuminates the area to be epilated. 

Rub your skin to lift short hairs. For optimal performance, hold the appliance at a right angle (90`)  degree against your skin and guide it without pressure against the hair growth, in the direction of the switch. The massaging rollers (1) stimulate the skin before and after the hair is pulled out for an extra gentle epilation experience.

Leg epilation: 

Epilate your legs from the lower leg in an upward direction. When epilating behind the knee, keep the leg stretched out straight. 

Underarm and bikini line epilation:

For this specific application , the sensitive area cap (7) has been developed as an optional attachment to be placed on the epilation head(2). Please be aware that especially at the beginning these areas are particularly sensitive to pain. Therefore we recommend that you start with switch setting "I" . With repeated usage the pain sensation will diminish. Before, epilating, thoroughly clean the respective area to remove residue ( like deodorant). Then carefully dab dry with a towel.

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