LED Auto Hair Curler

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Wow Sonic: LED Auto Hair Curler

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Introduction: This luxurious fully automatic hair curler is made by a professional team. it has the characteristics of balanced heating, no injury to hair, anti-scald face, no hair pulling, automatic, simple operation, etc. it can easily burn natural waves, soft curly, fashionable & charming classics hairstyle, you can make your own hair curling more convenient. Since then, curling hair can be whatever you want.

Temperature Setting: After the power is turned on, the LED screen light up, please press the temperature settings button (T) change the temperature range, & select different temperature according to the characteristics of personal hair quality, the device is built in a total of 140c -230c, according to the hair quality to use different temperature range.

We recommend the first time you use this device for perm curling, please select the lowest temperature to start the experiment & find the temperature level that you are satisfied with the degree of curling.

140c/160c: Suitable for soft hair or dyed hair

180c/200c: Suitable for normal tick & thin hair it is recommended that most people use these two temperature 

220c/230c: Suitable for stiff hair or hair that is naturally curly time setting.

The automatic curling iron built-in four perm time setting of 8s,10s,12, & 15s

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