Hair Press Comb

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Wow Sonic: Hair Press Comb

Heating Hot Comb Professional Hair Straightener for Wigs Heated Comb Electric  Hair Styling Comb Curler Women Hair Straightener.

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How To Use:

1.It contains a power switch, & three indicator lights stand for the different temperature levels which are 160/180/200 degrees.

2.Press the power switch one time, the no.1 indicator will begin to flash & remain on as the comb heat up, which the temperature is on 160 degrees level.

3.Each time you press. the temperature will reach to a higher level of temperature with the indicator light flashing together & the comb stay on heat.

4.When you press four times, it will turn off & with no indicator flashing & allow the comb to be cool.

5.Grasp a section of hair & hold away from the scalp, Insert the pressing comb into the section close to the scalp, the back of the comb straightens the hair, so hold the section of hair firmly against the back of the comb

(Caution): Do Not let the pressing comb touch your bare skin or scalp burns may result, Do Not use comb with Aerosol or other flammable hair products.

6.Slowly turn the comb away from you & move it through the entire hair stand until the hair ends pass through the teeth.

7.Repeat procedure throughout all sections of hair until entire head is complete.

To Clean:

Unplug  comb & allow to cool completely, Wipe the comb with a soft slightly damp cloth.

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