IPL 21 (Laser Hair Removal)

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.Available Flashes: 5000000 Flashes 

.Warranty: 1 Year

.Power: 80W

.Light Intensity: 5 Gear adjustable 

.Weight: 1.2kg

.Voltage: AC 100 -240V/50-60Hz

.Environmental requirements: Avoid direct sunlight

.Cooling method: Air cooling

.Hair Removal length: 510-1200 n m

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IPL 21 household hair removal instrument needs to first shave the hair on the surface of human skin with razor & then irradiate the skin withintense pulsed (IPL) to charge the structure of hair follicles & surrounding tissues due to the increase of temperature, thus inhibiting hair growth & making shrink & fall off.


Although this product takes women as the research object, experiments have shown that men can also use it, because tha hair of most men may be thicker than that of women, the hair removal effect of men is slightly different than that of women.


IPL 21 hair removal requires about four weeks of hair removal operation (4 6 times) generally after the first two times of removal, you will feel a significant decrease in body hair, After 8 weeks (5-8times) you can basically obtain a good hair removal effect, Each time you remove hair the density of your hair will be reduce.

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