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Wow Sonic: Facial Cleansing Device, Massager, Makeup Remover

Product Parameters: 

1. Warranty: 1 Year

2. Weight: 77g

3. Size: 133 ** 59 32 Cm

4. Water Proof: IPX7

5. Packing List: Cleanser, Instruction Manual, USB Cable

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Silicone electric facial cleanser work theory: This product is high-tech beauty tools designs for facial cleaning, the high frequency vibration technology with special soft silicone brush head can effectively separate the oil and residual cosmetics, deeply cleanse skin and dredge pores, remove acne eventually achieve the result that improve your skin. This product unique soothing massage mode, can help massage nose two side and the skin around the eyes and relax muscles, help remove dead skin cells, promote facial cells regeneration, remove wrinkles, lift firming, anti-aging, let skin back to life. 

Security considerations: 1. This product is a special instrument for healthy skin caring, do not use it for other purposes.

2. Please do not apply to areas with skin problems such as plastic surgery, sunburn and trauma infection.

3. Do not use accessories that are not supplied by this product, or it may be dangerous.

4. If you fell uncomfortable, stop using it please.

5. Please do not use this product if you are delirious.

6. Do not make baby use it alone.

Method of operation:

1. Product charging method: connect the power adaptor and the cleanser with the USB charging  cable to plug the power adapter into the socket or connect the computer  and the cleanser  directly  with the USB charging cable.

2. Press the "+" key continuously : the vibration gradually increases, pressing the "-" key continuously, the vibration gradually decreases, please adjust the appropriate gear according to the actual demand.

NO.2: Product using method 

High frequency shock waves are introduced into the skin through a smooth silicone contact, helping to remove oil and cosmetic residues from pores and clearing dead keratin cells, suggesting 15 seconds for each part of the face. 

Step 1. Remove makeup, wet face, apply cleanser to cleanser, enter clean mode.

Step 2. Start with your chin, gently move your chin up to yours ears until your face.

Step 3. Move gently from the middle of your forehead until you clean your forehead.

Step 4. Slide up and down the nose of the nose while cleaning the flanks of the nose. When cleaning around the eyes, gently slide the lower strength gently outward.

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