Nail Corrector

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Wow Sonic: Nail Corrector 

Wow Sonic Nail Corrector Ingrown Nail Foot Correction Tool for Fixer Recover Restore Toe Paronychia Nail Brace Foot Care

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Use method: 

1. Soak your feet for 20 minutes, then bring the corrector, slowly increase the force, feel up, no pain.

2. Continue to soak for 20 minutes, then remove the foot, dry it for 15 minutes, remove the aligner, or blow dry with a hairdryer.

3. You can also plug some cotton to prevent nails from rebounding.

Tips: Only one side of the ingrown nail, when the orthosis is energized, hold down the side nails and try to force the affected side of the incarceration.

If the nail is too thin, you need to slowly increase the force. 

Do not apply too much force to make the 6 nail hook blank. 

Be sure to soak the water for 10 minutes or more.

The fulcrum fulcrum can be used upside down on both sides, suitable for size ingrown correction.

Corrected every 2-5 days, usually recovered in 1-4 months.

It can also be used every day, but be careful not to make the correction too strong, so as not to hurt the nails.

It is best to sleep at night after correction, so as not to damage the shoe squeezing.

Be careful to wear loose shoes in the future.

The edges of the nails should be thorough and should not be cut at right angles or sharp.



Material: pure copper

Color: Gold

Size(approx.): 4cm*4cm

Stent size: 5size



1 pc x Nail corrector

5pcs x Nail press tool

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